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John Aarts Group
Safe Today, Safe Tomorrow

The John Aarts Group recognizes that health, safety and environmental awareness must be integrated into all workplace activities, and we are committed to taking every reasonable precaution to protect workers, including protection for the public, from any hazards at our sites or projects. Everyone is expected to work in compliance with the law and to follow safe practices and procedures. Maintaining a safe work environment is the first priority.

We have an established Health and Safety Team that provides professional support, resources, expertise, and guidance to all facets and operations within the organization. While actively promoting a positive health and safety culture to all employees, their primary responsibilities include the development and implementation of health, safety and environmental programs, recognizing and evaluating hazards and monitoring compliance at all work locations. Advances in technology for reporting and data management and more focused training have been key safety factors to help facilitate growth in the organization.

Our employees have, over the years, participated in safety programs and shared best practices with members of various associations. This participation and strong commitment at every level in our organization has allowed us to champion and positively influence the awareness and critical importance of health and safety in various industries.

Commitment to health and safety forms an integral part of this organization, from the owners to the individual workers.

Jon Arts Group - Health and Safety